I think the spore game is a good concept But the civilization and the space stage is cheesy everything in the civilization and the space stage sucks it doesn't do anything. wouldn't it be great if you used civilization 4 beyond the sword and galactic civilization 11 ultimate. as the last two models for the last two stages of spore. somebody needs to tell electronic arts to move into 2009 if all i wanted in a game is graphics i would watch a movie instead. the problem with dark avatar is that only 2 civilizations fight everyone else sucks. if you cant play galactic civilizations 2 dread lords then try an easier level if you can't play cakewalk learn to play the game with 33% science with the yor i research 1000 bc a week how can i not beet the game also instead of giving economic bonuses you should design an ai that can reach that much economy without giving the ai an unfair advantage
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November 24, 2017 by admiralWillyWilber
How do i combine stations to make more room on pandora.
November 28, 2014 by admiralWillyWilber
First I would like to point out that the user interface for windows eight was made for cell phones beca7se the screen is to small. It works really well for small screens. Now on a lab top or computer where screens are from 14" to30" why do I want huge icons. That is part of it why would I not want a start menu where I have a list of runnable programs. Don't get me wrong I like my program folder where I can go into it and do other things. Thus is why the desktop is superior. User accounts is ...